Soul Sisters…


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Here is the question: When will mean girls stop defining the sisterhood?

I mean when we learn to empower one another instead of tearing each other down, when will we see that we are stronger when we work together then against each other and when will we discover that dissing another fellow sister will not give you the key to success, fame or fortune.

So lets discuss:

I think it is fair to say no matter what you’re “social standing” was in high school, everyone had their run in with a “mean girl” like full “I was personally victimized by Regain George “ type situation…

Definitely some cope it worse then others, but hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?!

And from these experiences, both my own and from witnessing fellow sisters; its fair to say, we have a problem.

As females we still have a hellaa long way to go until we can be classed as “equals” amongst men; i.e. the fucked up pay gap ( but lets save that convo for another time)

In order to do this we need to rally together and watch each other’s backs rather then waiting to see who can stab the knife in the quickest and deepest.

I have found this culture begins in high schools; Young girls think that they need to compete with each other and if another sisters sparkle is shining bright, they fear theirs will be dulled. When in theory it is the total opposite.

We encourage young girls to do a range of fabulous things but why is it that we don’t find it important to instill in them at a young age the importance of sticking together and not competing against one another.

And that my sisters is the crucial word Competition. It is drilled in both sexes from an early age to achieve the best and that the best will only do. Mediocrity is seen as failure; in other words if you’re not the best you haven’t achieved.   We are not only encouraged to compete against our male counterparts but also each other in order to reach the peak of success, which is often defined by academic results, sexuality and financial achievements along with creating society’s idea of a perfect image… which I think we can all agree is bloody exhausting!!

Young girls need to be raised to thrive off each others successes rather then seeing it as a lack of their own, to embrace each others strengths and to use these quality’s as a push to see the sisterhood continue to thrive and lets be honest it should be about equality for all no matter gender, race or sexuality.


xx B

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