Party Pooper.

Winter is coming… Well winter is fucking here…

From almost slipping up face first to ruining new suede shoes, fair to say I am less then impress with my start to this chilly season.

But there is an up side people! Layers, fur coats and boots lots of boots! Heaven to my ears.


I myself am over reading how to style your black jeans for winter, so instead I am going to grace your screens with some pure crazy fun. Bight pink fur, Party mum jeans and platform sneakers!

Because guess what… you can wear colour in winter! Yay.

So fill your mouth with candy and scroll through some pics of me attempting to run and most defiantly failing. I’m here for the lols people.


And BTW I am actually the life of the party despite what my jeans may tell you.



fluff__ 8fluff__ 10fluff__ fivefluff__ fourfluff__ onefluff__ sevenfluff__ sixfluff__ threefluff__ two

PICS- Caitlin Clark


Jacket\\ Charlotte Simone


Long Sleeve\\ Sports girl 

Jeans\\ Ragged Priest

Sneakers\\ Windsor Smith

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